May 1, 2023 - We are completely SOLD OUT of our scarves and bracelets at this time.  Once we have more inventory available to ship we will update this page.  Feel free to email us at if you would like us to put you on the order list once we have product available.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  The Scarlet Thread Team 





The Official Scarlet Thread Scarf

The Scarlet Thread Scarf is made of 100% Pure Thai Silk hand woven by Thai women from villages in eastern Thailand. We at The Scarlet Thread Ministry are proud to partner with these women to provide them with a market to sell their beautiful product. When you purchase a Scarlet Thread Scarf, you are telling a woman miles away that you believe in her and that she has worth.  



The Official Scarlet Thread Bracelet

The Scarlet Thread Bracelet, made by The Well jewelry ladies, has three parts; a heart, a cross and a jewel. The heart represents God’s agape love for us. The cross represents the acceptance we receive when we fully acknowledge what God did for us on Calvary. And, the jewel represents our renewal as He takes a miry piece of clay and makes it into something beautifully new. 



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What happens when you puchase one of these items?

When you purchase a Scarlet Thread Scarf or Bracelet, three things happen:

  • You are giving hope to women rescued from the sex trade industry or those who are at risk of being trafficked.
  • You are building self-worth into these women, showing them that they are loved and have value.
  • You are showing them the LOVE OF JESUS. 

Our Partnership with the Women of Buriram

We first heard about these talented women from Prang, a lady we met in Bangkok, who is from Buriram Province. She shared with us her heart’s desire to help the women and children there by selling the beautiful scarves they make. After hearing how the entire process of raising the silkworms, harvesting the thread and then hand-weaving each scarf, we began to pray about how The Scarlet Thread could get involved. One day she showed us some of the scarves that the women from her village had made. Shonna had already wanted to use a scarlet threaded scarf as the official symbol of our ministry but wasn’t sure how to go about having it made. And, when she saw a BEAUTIFUL scarlet threaded scarf lying underneath all the others, she knew that the Scarlet Thread Scarf had to be made by these precious ladies. So, hence, a partnership was formed.


Why Partner with Prang and the women of Buriram?

Life is not easy for a Thai woman, especially in the rural areas and villages. The realities of women and young girls in Southeast Asia, specifically in Thailand…

  • Thai women are typically responsible for the financial welfare of the family.
  • In the Thai Buddhist culture, they are not able to make merit for their mothers making having sons more desirable.
  • At an early age girls are taught that if they are not smart enough or their family is not financially able to keep them in school, they are encouraged to go and sell themselves. Girls from rural areas will be sent to larger cities and told not to return until they have made a certain amount of money for their family. It is a common belief here that women were “made for sex.”
  • Many men in the rural areas go to the city to work and never come back leaving fatherless families behind. Driven by poverty and a lack of hope, many of the women end up in prostitution in order to provide for their families.

Our partnership allows these women to work at home and still be able to take care of and provide for their families.