The Scarlet Thread Team

Shonna Shipp

Founder / President 


Bangkok Team 


To read Tracy & Shonna's story about their journey to Thailand click here

Tracy Shipp

Founder / Executive Director


Bangkok Team 


To read Tracy & Shonna's story about their journey to Thailand click here. 

Gwen Turner

Bangkok Team 


To read Gwen's story of her journey to Thailand click here. 

Jen Westgate 

Board Member 

There are so many reasons why I love being part of The Scarlet Thread team, but I think the part that I love the most is having the opportunity to watch my dear friends live out Mark 16:15. God has called Tracy, Shonna & Gwen to GO into Thailand and preach the Good News to EVERYONE, and that is exactly what they do. Through their ministry and by God’s divine plans, they have been able to reach many lost souls with the news that there is a Savior, a TRUE and LIVING God, who loves them regardless of their past or present situations. The Scarlet Thread teaches those who have been caught in the evils of human trafficking that they are valued, loved and redeemed through Jesus Christ. This ministry invests in the people of Thailand physically, emotionally and spiritually through building relationships and providing everlasting hope. I am truly blessed to be part of such an amazing ministry!

Bonnie Shipp

Board Member 

Hi, I'm Bonnie Shipp, aka Tracy's Mom.  For years I heard Tracy and Shonna share their calling to missions.  As time passed, I wondered why they were here, if God had called them "there".  In God's always perfect timing He revealed to both just where "there" was.  He was at work in Thailand and He invited them to join Him there.  I immediately thought about what I could do to help in addition to praying.  One of the most valuable people in our years of mission work in Central and South America was a stateside friend who could handle things here.  That's my job, that I can do.  I handle banking, bill payments, correspondence, etc. as needed.  Every soul is precious in our Father's sight; every soul was created with a vacancy only God can fill; no one is beyond His saving grace.  I am blessed to support God's work in our children's lives, and to be a part of getting the gospel message with precious souls in Thailand who need to hear.

Ladonna Roshto

Board Member 

I love getting to see the amazing work God is doing around the world changing lives with the Gospel. After seeing firsthand the need for Jesus and the hope of His salvation in Thailand, I can’t help but want to join in with what God is doing there. Also, I want to be a support to our missionaries, and my friends, who are living in Thailand and spending each day working to reach more and more people with the Good news of Jesus Christ.